About Us

Jennifer ‘Casey’ Smullen has owned Corporate Exposure, a promotional products company, since 1991. At the request of one of her customers, she was tasked with developing themes for an employee summer picnic. One idea presented was a branded beach chair, branded towels, and clips that would hold the towel up. The branded clips presented a perfect brand awareness opportunity for people to see the clients name as they walked by.

Jen suddenly realized that in an industry that will smack a logo on anything, a product like this still does not exist! Unbelievable! With this revelation, Casey Clips was born! With a can of play dough and Jen’s imagination, the idea was shaped – literally. After years of development, Jen’s patented clips are finally on the market.


They're super helpful. Especially at resorts, when everyone has the same towels and chairs, easy way to see your spot! But great for your own chair at the beach as well!

R. Taylor

I use Casey Clips on our boat. They clip on and the towels are held tight. Even when the boat is running at full speed. The days of fishing our towels out of the water are over! Love them!

J. Rice

I bought my Casey Clips before going on vacation to the beach in FL. It was so nice to be able to relax on a chase lounge chair and not worry about my towel falling down or blowing away. I also used my clips to hold my beach hat when I wasn’t wearing it, and my swimsuit when I hung it on a rail to dry. These clips are flexible and very versatile. I would recommend getting a set to add to your beach bag or to use around the pool or even at home.

A. Hains